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No matter what the project, a commercial marina, floating houses or your private spot on the water, floatdrums.com is the leading source for flotation. We offer 44 sizes and great prices.
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Floatdrums.com represents the nation's largest float drum manufacturers in the country. Cellofoam or Permafloat float drums are manufactured with virgin grade polyethylene and are completely foam filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS). These float drums meet the following specs:

  • Rotationally molded outer shell - no seams
  • EPS foam filled for maximum buoyancy
  • Ribbing for added strength & durability
  • Thick mounting flanges and slots for ease of installation
  • Meets .150 nominal wall and .125 minimum wall thickness
  • Sizes range from 12" - 32" in depth
  • 215 lbs. buoyancy - up to 4834 lbs. buoyancy
  • Meets Corps of Engineers Regulation #36 CFR Part 327
  • Meets ASTM D1998-04 Falling Dart Impact Test
  • Meets the 7 day absorption test (absorbs less than 3 lbs/cu.ft over seven days)
  • Tank tested buoyancy ratings +0/-5%.
  • Both of our product series passed all marina and commercial standards.
We carry 100s of floats in stock at all time
We sell the best product with the best prices.
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